What We Do

Brand Workshop & Training

Our principal consultants develop and conduct brand workshops and training suitable for management, marketing and corporate communications personnel.

Management Workshops

Brand Training

Brand Workshop for Management Level

The brand workshop is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of branding – from creating one to managing it. Designed for management level staff and personnel involved in brand management activities, this workshop focuses on the development of a brand positioning, how to effectively communicate your brand messages to all stakeholders and how to ensure your branding is consistently maintained within the organisation.

Brand Training for Marketers & Corporate Communications

To effectively maintain a consistent branding, it is important for your marketing and corporate communications teams to be well-versed with your brand guidelines. This brand training will focus on the importance of maintaining your brand guidelines, how to interpret and implement them and what to take note of. We can tailor the training according to your organisation’s existing brand guidelines, to ensure that every staff understands them and apply them the right way.

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