What We Do

Brand Management

Ensuring brand consistency is an essential and crucial component of brand management, which is often overlooked in organisations. At StudioWorkz Productions, we provide various services to help organisations manage their brand identity.

Brand Guide

BAM Systems


Brand Guide Development

We develop comprehensive brand guides to document how your brand should be represented and presented. Our team has immense experience in developing guidelines for your identity. From 20-page to 600-page brand guides, we have done them all.

Speak to us to understand how a brand guide can help your organisation and how we can help you in developing one.

Brand Asset Management Systems

While it is important to create a visual brand identity that suits your brand, it is imperative to efficiently manage all your visual brand assets to ensure that your brand identity can be kept consistent. Implement a Brand Asset Management (BAM) system within your organisation so you can easily upload your brand assets and keep them readily accessible for your staff, partners, sales offices and even the media. Keeping your brand assets on a centralised online repository means you won’t have to worry about partner or vendors using the wrong versions of your brand assets. Every staff in the company, can now access a central repository of your brand assets, so your staff don’t have to hop from desk to desk asking for the right artwork.

Speak to us to find out how we can integrate a brand assets management solution for your organisation.


Unsure of how to go about setting up an efficient process to better manage your brand identity and assets within your organisation? Meet with our consultants to formulate an effective brand management strategy, customised to suit your needs.