About Us

We are not just graphic designers, nor are we just web designers. We are Brand Designers who come up with brand communications that resonate your brand positioning.

Our Brand Design team is a dedicated and experienced team consisting of brand design consultants, designers, photographers, web developers and content writers. And we have been making brands look good for over 15 years.

Our Belief

Good brands build good companies. Good brands have to be impactful, expressive and elicit the big promise of the company. Above all, good brands should allow companies to stand out amongst the multitude of companies in the marketplace.

That is the brand philosophy of StudioWorkz Productions. Established since 2004, we have been providing our customers with new insights on how they can adopt a visually consistent brand design identity. We specialise in providing branding design consultation and a full suite of design services to aid companies in establishing a visual brand identity across both digital and printed communications.

Values & Commitment

We are committed to giving value to your brand in our work. We understand that all visual communications impact your brand and we make your brand image central to our designs.

We take pride in providing quality services and dedication to our clientele needs. Because brand building is a never-ending process, we value being on the long-term journey with our clientele to make it happen.

StudioWorkz Productions

Corporate Brandmark

The StudioWorkz Productions corporate brandmark is a representation of our brand value and expresses what we offer to our customers’ brands.

The symbolmark, which we term as the Bridge Mark, is an abstract representation of a bridge. The bridge symbolizes StudioWorkz Productions aspirations to constantly bridge creativity and visual designs with our customers’ brand identities. Orange is the colour of choice for the symbolmark as it represents enthusiasm, dedication amidst creativeness in our service to our customers.

The logotype is expressed in uppercase with the exception of a single letter ‘i’. The ‘i’ symbolises the company united as a single entity and its dare-to-be-different attitude.